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Rebecca Heinrich

I am Super Happy for you!


Such a pleasure to meet you at Cathe's workshop. Best of luck with your new venture. I hope our paths will cross again.


Judy Gudeman

Congratulations Wanda! I wish it were me retiring! Love, Judy

Christine Nixon

I am so proud of you for doing this for yourself and I don't even know you! I will be retiring soon and it is my dream just to have a blog so for you to take this leap of faith for yourself makes you my inspiration. Congratulations and you keep going!

Taunya Butler

SO VERY EXCITED AND THRILLED FOR YOU!!! What amazing things are on your horizon - bless you and hope you are able to regroup and then come out dazzling and being your amazing self!! Hugs to you and wishes of peace to you!!!

Stephanie Kraft

Such a gorgeous project and lovely photos - looks like a wonderful crafty time!

Congratulations, GF! I am so incredibly happy and excited for you... that you are taking such a BIG and positive step in your life and career! I can't wait to see how this new journey unfolds for you!! xoxo

Carole Burrage

CONGRATS, wonderful Wanda! I'm so excited to get to read about your "next chapter" and I can't wait to see Stampcat Studios. I will support you in whatever you endeavor, with positive energy, $$$, and however else I can, sweet friend. :) So happy for you!

Joan B

Awesome news and best of luck!!!!

Susan Myrick

My dear niece Wanda.
Wow what a life change for you, and about time. God works in mysterious ways and the blessings you give and receive are going to be so worth it.
I have no doubt that you will succeed and can't wait to see what you work on next.
Remember I am here for you always.
love you.Aunt Sue

Paulette S.

Wanda! That is awesome on all accounts! LOL What an amazing crafty day with such wonderful friends. Love your jar tea light! You are going to be SO Busy...you won't know what to do with yourself! Because when you don't work, people assume you have nothing to do. Crafting, Cleaning, Lunching, etc. When you want. And please know that you are spoiled and enjoy every minute of it!! I have been spoiled for quite a few years, but I didn't really realize it. I had a few years to do whatever I wanted while our 2 grown kids were on their own for a couple or three years, during the empty nest syndrome. The joke around here, is that I'm on Recess All Day. My son came up with that when he was in high school. Now, I'm Nana to 2 little darlings and they take up much of my time, to help out the kids while they are all working. Our income has changed drastically, and I really see how spoiled I was and I want it back! But I am truely blessed with all of the wonderful crafty people on the web and the companies who generously give away product via commenting on blogs. I've got so much that I have not used to it's potential. I enjoy everything you share, Wanda. You Are Amazing and I will be anticipating all of the fun you are going to share. ((Crafty Hugs))

Kelly Latevola

I'm thrilled for you sweetness. You'll be even more,amazing than you already are . . .if thats even possible ♡

Denise Bryant

That's awesome news, Wanda! Can't wait to check out Stampcat Studio! Wishing you the very best and loads of fun in your creative venture!
Who knows, maybe I will 'retire' soon also! So looking forward to that day...


So happy for you.....and miss you already. I walked by your desk yesterday and got teary-eyed. I was hoping that it was all a joke....that you really weren't leaving. But, alas, you weren't there. The cubicle was empty.... No smiles waiting for me....

As I got back to my desk, I looked at the "Happy 4th of July" goodie you made for me. You are SOOOOO talented.... I'm glad you got out of this place and are now embarking on a new adventure.....one that suits the Wanda I know. The Creative Wanda! The Stampcat Studio Wanda I know....

Congrats and the best of luck my friend...


Holly Saveur

Wanda so happy to see and read all those sweet and uplifting comments for you!(read them all)
You are so loved....
Hugs Holly.


Yay YOU!!!!!!!!!! I always love reading stories like yours...women taking control over their lives so that they can do what they love.

Absolutely awesome.

Your Mason Jar Luminary is absolutely AMAZING. What a fun fun fun project.

Geneva null

What an awesome post.... I know you have had this idea brewing for a long time. Also know you & Mark prayed for the right time......and it is NOW!!!
I know wonderful thiings will happen in your new more expanded creative journey. Love you & wish for many fabulous opportunities for you😘

christine Mitchell

Congratulations, I can't wait to see all your awesome creations. I quit my job as well, I have 8 more work days. I was having similar issues. So exciting, if you have classes, I can come up your way now.

tricia barber

Congratulations! Cannot wait to see what is in store in your new chapter of your life! We will all benefit from that it is for sure! Beautiful project and it looks like you had a great time! Best wishes to you and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Well, by now you should KNOW that we, your friends, will excitedly support you!! So glad you found the hutzpah to make this move ... altho' I have a feeling it was probably more a "God thing" that your hutzpah! Keep following His promptings, and He will lead you where He wants you to go! . . . . the sky's the limit. . . . who knows what plans He has for you to bless others with your talent, creativity, and loving spirit!! BIG HUGS! I'm "all in" with you on this one!


Thomas Edison said "Vision without execution is Hallucination" way to execute!

So excited to see Stampcat Studios - Sign me up

Rosa M. Vasquez

Yay! for you! I know you can do this because you have been showing us all along what great vision you have. Looking forward to your new business!

Julie Littman

God Bless you, Wanda!! So happy for you!! I look forward to following you on StampCat Studio!! Be kind to yourself as you transition. Your fan, Julie L

Troy Louise

What wonderful news! I'm so happy that you decided to move on to a new adventure. After 35 years, I say it's a bold, but brave change. I wish you all the best in your new creative adventure - you will be fabulous & I can't wait to see what you will be doing! Your workshop project is adorable & I'm going to check out that cute template - what fun that must have been. Big, big hugs!


I am so happy for you Wanda!!! Best of luck with your new adventure!!

Veronica Fairbrother

CONGRATULATIONS, dear friend. After 35 years of working for someone else it is time to listen to your heart and follow your passion. I look forward to your adventure. Hugs and love to You!!

Kay Miller

Wanda, I am SO happy and excited for you!! You will never lose following your heart and doing what makes you happy! I am thrilled for you and can't wait to see what fun things you are planning! The pictures were all so fun to see! Looks like you had a wonderful time with your crafty friends! Your project is AMAZING!! Big hugs and much luck on your new adventure!! :)

Princess Judy

Ummm. Wow! So much to love about this post. Kudos to you for deciding to change gears and leave the safety net! I'm looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you. Also, thanks for sharing your fun day in that fab craft room. That wee house in a jar project you made--oh my!!!

Jill Norwood

Wanda: I am so excited to see what "Stampcat Studio" releases into this creative world that I love so much! I love the name!!! Congratulations on taking this wonderful step! I am so happy for you my dear! There are no limits when we allow our dreams to take flight!

I love the project you shared. What a wonderful day and class! Mason jars are one of my favorite things! I LOVE THEM! So fun to see these sweet luminaries with my favorite place in the world inside: HOME SWEET HOME!

Blessing and Hugs as you pursue this next beautiful step and time in your life.....I know you will go far! And I am so happy I get to be a little bit of wind beneath your wings as you set sail!
:) Jill

Fonda Jo

I am so proud of you! You did it and now you are free to expand your talents and creativity to the limits (of which there are non)!!
Love the name "Stampcat Studio". So right on!
You will do SO very well. Much luck and lots of Hugs....

Linda Grady

Congrats on your retirement and your new plans for the future. Sounds so exciting! What a wonderful way to spend the day after, crafting with friends!!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Shirley Smith

Good for you Wanda !!! I had to retire early five years ago and have been rolling these same thoughts around in my mind! Just maybe you have given me the nudge I needed. You will do great and I'll pump you up along the way whenever you need it. But you are such a talented lady that I have no doubts of your success ! You go girlfriend !!

Patti Willey

Phew! It took me two visits to the computer to finish your note but I hung in there with ya til the end! Wow congratulations on what I know was an agonizing decision to leave the workplace to start your own Creative Life! A happier you will be a healthier you so I'm so glad to hear you've come to this decision! I look forward to your craftyness and this Barn oh my! Couldn't have more inspiration in it right Love your project and the lovely ladies who shared your day. So excited for you Wanda!


You have shared how hard you struggled with this decision so congrats on Freeing your life and following your dream. To God Be the Glory! Hey sister in the Lord, May He continue to Guide you in this new direction.


So excited for you! CONGRATS!


You go girl!! So happy and excited for you! I have no doubt that whatever you do will be a huge success!! Love it that you took this leap of faith to follow your dreams! God is faithful! Wishing you many blessings!

Megan C

Hi Wanda, I love your blog and visit often. Congrats on taking this big step to happiness. Your creativity is very inspiring....I can't wait to hear more about your new business venture!

Kristy Schalk

Congratulations to you Wanda! I'm so excited for you!! May your days be filled with joy and creativity!! (I retired 2 1/2 years ago after working 40 years, I have never been happier!) Can't wait to see what you bring us!! Enjoy!!

Libby Hickson

I am so happy for you Wanda, and extremely proud of you for taking this step to do what makes you HAPPY!! I wish you all the best and tons of success and lots of time to just BE. Huge huge hugs to you!!

Linda Monroe

Wow - so excited for you. Enjoy your much needed rest and I can't wait to see the business come together.

Shannon Fralish

Oh Wanda, you continue to inspire me and I'm so excited to see that you have made those first steps to fulfilling your creative passion! We seem to have more in common than I thought and your news today moved me to think even more positively, to believe more strongly, that we can choose a creative life over our "safe" work world (even when we know it no longer fulfills us). I wish you the very best and I will eagerly follow your next steps. Go get 'em, tiger!


The new creative venture sounds exciting. Keep us posted. I'm watching the waves on the coast today and enjoying day 43 of early retirement. Still takes awhile to leave the stress behind, but you'll get there. Hugs and prayers to you.

Cassie T

It sounds like you made the right call, Wanda! I'm so very happy for you and can't wait to see what's in store for your new business!

Peggy Jo Ackley

Wanda, congratulations on jumping in the "self employed" pool! It isn't always easy, but it is extremely rewarding and I think Brenda would confirm that. I will watch with eager curiosity to see what you're up to next! Hope to run into you at Paper Garden this fall and hear all about it first hand. All the best to you, Peggy

Wanda Cullen

I admire your courage to take on this major life change, and knowing just a smidgeon about your creative talents, I have no doubt that your studio will be successful! You go girl! Loved seeing the crafty space of your recent class and the luminary house is so adorable! That bird nest is my fave detail and..hint, hint...would love to see a tutorial on how to make them! I love birds! :-)

Jamie Vanskiver

This lil house is adorable! Good luck on your new creative adventure! I think it's fabulous and I look forward to seeing it come to life and all the creative goodness you create!!! I love everything you make and always look forward to your posts in my inbox :) I think your gonna do fantastic things!!!


Congrats Wanda! That's really awesome! I'm so excited for you and wish you all the best! You are so very talented and I can't wait to see what you do next because I know it will be amazing! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help and ENJOY this exciting time in your life!

Gina Painter

Congratulations Wanda, you are so talented, I know you will successful at your next "job"!! Can't wait to see what you will be sharing with us next!

Audrey Pettit

I have been waiting for this post, and am sitting here with a silly little grin plastered all over my face! You KNOW I am behind you 100%, and I am beyond happy, excited, and thrilled for you. Once again, I wish I lived closer so I could dance for joy with you right now! But believe me, I am doing it from afar! Love you, Girlfriend! Rest, relax, recharge... and then spread your wings and fly!

Janet T.

Way to go, Wanda! You took the first & most courageous step from the "safe zone" by leaving the day-to-day job that obviously was burning you out. Now - LOOK OUT WORLD. Can't wait to see what comes next for you. Girl, with your talents, I just know it will be wonderful. For now, recharge your batteries, do what you want to & know that we'll all be here waiting for the grand opening of "Stampcat Studio".

Pam Sparks

What a happy surprise to read this today Wanda! So happy for you!!!! YAY! Thank you for sharing and inspiring and can't wait for more!!! Stampcat Studio, oh what will it be?!!! Hurry, can't wait to read more about it! :D

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