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Audrey Pettit

Silly Girl, you make me smile!! :) This is beautiful! Just beautiful! that flower set is amazing, and I adore your color combo. The grey base and cream cardstock set this off brilliantly! I love it all!
Glad you've found a way to spread your crafting out a bit so that it doesn't creep up on you and overwhelm. I try to do a little bit every day. Sometimes I can complete a project, and other times it takes several days.... but I have to admit that I have a hard time walking away from something partially completed. :)

Taunya Butler

Wow - those flowers are certainly blooming and bursting with the lovely colors you have layered in them!! Love the way you added the sentiment and the touch of navy with the acrylic dots!! Super cool!! Creating for me tends to happen in one sitting - if it doesn't then I usually don't come back to it!! This only applies when making cards - other projects I can do in little bursts and leave until the next time! But cards have to be finished - maybe that is weird, huh?? Anyways - thanks for the eye candy and the wonderful card!!!

Lisa Beeman

Very beautiful card, Wanda.


This is a gorgeous card Wanda. I love this pretty Roses.

donna mikasa

Oooh, I can definitely feel the inspiration from your phone cover! Brilliant design, love those Altenew blooms!


I'm inspired by the fact that I'm off work for 4 days! Enjoy your day off, Wanda.


Love this Wanda. Great job! I can never get over how amazing those layered flower stamps are...:)


I love your card......and your iPhone inspiration! Your cards are always so beautiful.... XO

Ruby N

Wow, Wanda. Your card is so gorgeous. I LOVE the look.


Hello my super talented crafty friend! As always a beautiful card. As much as my OCD would like to sit and finish a project all in one shot, my back just won't allow it. I think the only bad thing about not having the time to finish in one day is that it gives you time to over think the project, at least that's how I feel anyway. I looove the phone case, my birthday was yesterday and I think I may have to go and get me one, Happy Birthday to me, lol. I'm excited I have this stamp set to fool around with. Thanks for sharing!!


Hi Wanda. Actually YOUR card ahs inspired me today and I had better soon get to it! But first I will answer your question about how I work in my craft room. Sometimes I feel the need to stay with the ship until its finished. Other times I may start one and then draw a complete blank. In this case (some times) it may sit on the back of my desk for weeks or months before I get a brain wave and be able to finish it! (It will drive me nuts some times but I'm determined NOT to waste it! LOL) Otherwise (in my old age of 56) I have learned to be patient and if I don't finish it today I'll go back to it tomorrow. Have fun crafting tomorrow and get some rest! LOL

Holly Saveur

Gorgeous card!
I start with something and then I want to try it out in many other ways and colors..so hardly ever make only one card..since i have many ideas going through my head....so your card I would have made in soft pink and maybe a yellow one..and also other colors..and also tried the placing of the sentiment and flowers in another way...stupid not..that I want to see the idea in other colors and ways too..
I think for me the playing with colors is the biggest fun...love colors.
because I work this way it makes that I have always so many projects half done..since I come up with new ideas while being busy with the others...it is chaotic...looking on Pinterest doesn't help..would like to try it all out.
Wished I had more time in a day ..and more hands!
Just love to play with my supplies...
Hugs Holly.

Celeste Goff

What a gorgeous card! And I love your phone case too!

Veronica Fairbrother

Hi Wanda, I love the color combo you picked for this card. Sometimes I start a project, everything flows and I finish it in one sitting. Other times my idea doesn't work and I've finally learned to step away instead of frustrating myself. If it's late at night I go to bed and think about my project until I can fall asleep or figure it out. If it's during the day I take my project shopping in hopes of finding just the right thing. Thank you for your inspiration. Have a Great Day!

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