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Natalie H

Don't know how I missed this! Beautiful photography and what a wonderful day! Your butterfly is gorgeous, what a blessing!

Taunya Butler

So super impressed by this wonderful opportunity that you had!!! What a wonderful afternoon for you and your card is lovely and exquisite!!!

Paulette S.

I can't even imagine!! Looks like an amazing day with Brenda. Great photos from the day as well. Fun thing are really happening for you and I'm tickled for you.

Princess Judy

How nice of you to take us along on your field trip to Brenda's house. Wow! Wow! Wow! Your project is lovely and Brenda's studio is the best. What a fabulous afternoon you had!!! What a treat!

Lynn Put

Oh wow was the first thing I thought when I saw your post. It looks like a magical day, I'm happy you had such a wonderful time. Your butterfly card is gorgeous, love the glitter and special fold.

Kelly Deal

Hi Wanda! I just found your beautiful blog with your equally beautiful projects, because I was searching for another blogger named Wanda! I'm now a follower!


Lesley Kemp

I was one of the very delighted and lucky women to have participated in this class. Meeting Wanda there was such a pleasure. I have a new crafting friend and she has a blog too....yippee. Hope to see you again soon, Wanda. LOVE your butterfly.

Fonda Jo

What a wonderful day you had and what a wonderful room she has. I can tell that it was made most perfect by the great friendships you all have.
Your butterfly is beautiful. I must try to make one similar. The glass glitter is perfect for it and I do like the paper as well. Good job, Friend!!

Rosa M. Vasquez

The next best thing to being there has got to be your great photographs! Lovely colors everywhere and a great looking group of ladies.

Stephanie Kraft

Sounds like an amazing afternoon! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos of the day!

Kay Miller

Oh my goodness Wanda!! I am so very envious, but in a good way ;) What a beautiful card you made for Brenda and she does look like such a fun and delightful person! What a beautiful room and set up she has, and I do love the picture of her on the desk! Too cute! Thanks for sharing your wonderful afternoon!

Lynn Gauthier - Michigan

Lovely blog post Wanda. Was wondering how your butterfly card opens?
Amazing studio Brenda has. I wish my hubby was that supportive.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Jill Norwood

What a wonderful and very special day! I love the beautiful butterfly card you made her! Gorgeous my dear!!! And thanks for sharing her studio and the beauty of this day with us! I am so happy for you!!!


What an amazing day! Thanks for sharing. Now we just need to get you up to Chico.

Audrey Pettit

Such an enchanting day! I don't think there's any other word for it! I am SO happy for you, my friend. And thank you for sharing all these gorgeous pictures. It is such a joy for us to see them!

Holly Saveur

SO in love with it all..your card..the studio..sweet people...so happy you had such a great day...!
gorgeous photo's..
Hugs Holly.


How fun! Love your butterfly card, so elegant! That studio....SWOON

Peg Parsons

Gorgeous card Wanda!! I am so glad you had such a great day - FUN for everyone!!! Thanks for sharing your photos and your memories with us : -)

donna mikasa

Oh my, Wanda! What a fantabulous experience--you are certainly blessed! And what a gorgeous gift for Brenda. That butterfly alone is stunning! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

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