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Courtney R.

The jars are so beautiful, many different uses.

Rae Tolbert

Hello Wanda. I happened upon your blog from Pinterest today, and I'm glad I did. It was a lovely post. Your photos are beautiful, your story uplifting. I celebrated my 50th birthday several years ago, but it was the total opposite from yours, as it was the year my marriage ended after 13 years.
I loved reading about your celebration. So wonderful, so perfect. It made me feel so happy for you and your husband to be in love and sharing this vacation dream. I haven't blogged for a couple years. I keep meaning to get get back to it. I do still make cards, though. But I have let the sadness of the past several years work against me. I am coming back. I am happy I found your blog. I love your crafting talent and appreciate the glimpse into your heart. It made me smile. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday. Turning 50 is not so bad. ☺️I am getting closer to 60 now (yikes!) and I still feel young inside! I guess that never goes away. Happy, happy birthday to you. Stay blessed.

Susi K

I came across this section of your blog by chance, after seeing your 25 Days of Christmas Tag post on Tracey's blog (which is, as always, lovely BTW). Tracey mentioned something about "photography" tips, which immediately caught my attention as I have been thinking about getting advice on taking pictures for my blog posts (cards - I take terrible pictures that never seem to capture them) :-)
What I got instead was completely different, yet amazingly inspirational!
First, I want to wish you a heart-felt belated 50th Birthday. Your words feel like my words, almost 3 years ago (and sometimes, even to this day). Where did all those years go and why are they going by so quickly?
I don't have "words of wisdom", as I feel that one has to live an experience in order to learn from it. All I can share with you is to laugh more, love more, and LIVE more.
It looks like you had an AMAZING celebration of this milestone, and I know it has created memories (and stunning photos) that'll last a lifetime!
I've occasionally popped onto your blog to admire your lovely, crafty creations, but now I know I can also pop in to revel at your breathtaking photos.


Hi Wanda! I'm late, but Happy 50! It really is just a number. I was a dangerous kid, so I look at it as another year blessed, because I shouldn't even really be here. I've lost track, but my guardian angel works over time a lot and has for 51 years. Your photos are so beautiful! We took a trip to Oregon between 1999-2001 with our kids. Mike spent his teen years there in the Rogue River area. I grew up in Arkansas, so it was breath taking and so amazing to me. Some critter took our son's black windbreaker while we were at this same lake, you picture took me there instantly! We followed Hwy 101 through the redwoods and along the pacific coast. We experienced Sunshine, Rain and Snow on that week long trip. Visited Crater Lake and Grants Pass area, where Mike's sister and some cousins still live. There are mountains behind the Wal-mart and I just stood in Awe of them outside the store. Everyone laughed and gawked at me stunned by the mountains, but I'd never seen Mountains in person before. Thanks for sharing your birthday trip. Love your gift!

Carole Burrage

Happy, happy birthday sweet, wonderful, witty, beautiful, talented and amazing friend! You make 50 look fabulous, and I'm so glad you are having such a terrific birthday celebration. I miss playing with you, but follow each and every post and think of you often! Have a great birthday week, and trust that the best is yet to be. XOXOXO

Linda Monroe

Wanda, happy birthday. I crossed the 50 mark last summer and don't worry, it's not so bad on the other side. Keep counting your blessings, keep blogging (I love your posts) and enjoy your trip. It looks beautiful and peaceful.

Leigh Penner

Happy Belated Birthday! Your photos are gorgeous, as is your new bracelet! Enjoy!

Rosa M. Vasquez

We are all living longer and healthier lives.....so, 50 is the new 40! Keep your wonderful cards coming. They make my day happier. From a young 64 year old.

Taunya Butler

Happy Birthday to you!! My 50th is approaching for me and I am pretty sure I will do a little freaking out!! I have always felt that age is just a number - just celebrate the person you are today and be grateful for all that has come to pass in your life!! I think you are a wonderfully amazing person and your blog brings joy to many!! Have a beautiful day and celebrate who YOU are!!!

Kathy Martin

Happy Birthday Wanda! I'm a 1 1/2 years behind you with regards to the big 5-0! I hope to take it as gracefully as you are! Even though getting older isn't all that fun, we wouldn't be who we are today without living each of those years...learning and growing and experiencing life. You have a wonderful marriage, home, friends, kitty...you have so much to be thankful for that you can be proud of. You've accomplished lots of great things in those 50 years! Be proud! Lovely to see your vacation photos and present! Sounds like you're celebrating in style! Makes me look forward to our trip to Savannah, Georgia in December. Dining out, sipping wine, strolling through a beautiful city full of history. Lots to look forward to even for us old bags! ;)


Happy happy birthday Wanda I turned 50 last year I went to Alaska!! have fun at the coast enjoy and enjoy!!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Dear Wanda! Age is only a number. You are a timeless beauty....inside and out. Embrace all that life has to offer. Everyday is a blessing.

Jeena Huntzinger

Welcome to my beautiful state of Oregon. Isn't it the loveliest place on earth? I'm so happy you are spending your milestone birthday here. Enjoy everything, including the rain (that's what keeps this haven of ours so lush and green) and come back again soon! From an 66-year-old admirer.


Wanda. Happy birthday. Turning 50 for me was a huge turning point in my life. I knew I had to do something amazing. So I did! Went to Italy. It changed my life's perspective and desire to make this next year's amazing and live a happy life. Friends, family and folks I meet- love them all. You are a gift and I'm honored to be your friend.

Marian W

Never think you don't deserve the blessings you have received and the blessings to come. Just enjoy them.

Stephanie Kraft

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Wanda! Such a beautiful and heartfelt post! I love that Mark commented on it (so sweet!) and what a lovely bracelet! You are definitely more than deserving of it! I am not too far behind you and haven't given it much thought, though I know it's coming up soon and will happen regardless if I'm ready or not so I've decided not to fret about it... lol! I am so blessed to be able to call you my friend! You are truly beautiful, both inside and out and I hope you enjoy your week in OR... your photos so far have been amazing! Keep being you! xoxo

Mara M

Dear Wanda, Wishing you a birthday as wonderful and special as you are! Happy 50th birthday!

Janet T.

Happy 50th birthday, Wanda! I'm a true believer in birthdays being special - after all, they are a celebration of life. So enjoy!!! Remember the saying, "Live well, Love much & Laugh often".

Karen Roberts

Happy Birthday Wanda !

'Age is mind over matter
if you don't mind,
it doesn't matter'

Enjoy the big 50 ... it just keeps getting better :-)


Hey very happy birthday to you Wanda! I'm so glad that Ashley introduced us!

Simply Sandy

Happy 50th~! And what a wonderful husband to appreciate how special you are.. Have a great week long celebration~ and look forward to seeing what creative inspiration you have to share with us when you return.

Vicki M

Wanda, I turned 50 earlier this year and for the first time ever I was bothered a bit by my age so I understand your feelings. Just keep on enjoying life and it doesn't matter what the numbers say! I love coming to your blog for the crafty inspiration and the gorgeous photos you share.

Take care and enjoy your week long celebration with your wonderful husband (loved his comment!).


Hi Wanda,
Happy Birthday!! Any chance you could provide a link to the house you rented? It looks fabulous.

Veronica Fairbrother

Fifty and Fabulous! Happy Birthday to you, Wanda!! Thank you for sharing all that you do with your crafts and your life. Enjoy your celebratory week in Oregon. There is so much more ahead for you. You will discover patience, gratitude and an awakening of acknowledging your true feelings. Cherish this week to relax, create and have quality time with your wonderful husband. Birthday Blessings to you.


Happy birthday, Wanda, and may God continue to bless you for many years to come


Happy Birthday and welcome to the Fabulous Fifites Club. Glad you are enjoying your birthday trip, bring home more rain to CA for us too.

Theresa J.

Happy Birthday Wanda!!!

I must be a weirdo because I am always excited for my birthday and want a parade. I know personally of people who lost their lives well before 50. So it REALLY is something to celebrate! Look back and see how far you have come, but also look forward knowing that the best days lie ahead. Growing older is a gift. What I am learning as I age is that I need to stop limiting myself and make those wishes and dreams come true!! Why not?? You are doing that now on this glorious trip!!

Remember how nervous you were when you decided to start this blog? Look at all the blessings and new friends you have because of it.

And Mark...awwww, what a wonderful hubby! You are a lucky woman!!!

Just remember, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." If the Lord is on your side, have no fear about age. It won't matter!!

Love you!!

Sharlene Melhaff


I will be 75 in December, and I feel young at heart. Age is only a number, and it's all in what you choose to make it. God has been good to me, and to you. Praise him daily. I hope you have the most memorable 50th, with 50 more to come. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!

Suzie P.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wanda!! Fifty is not so bad. I'm a little older than you and I am enjoying life to it's fullest. It seems a little more smoother. Nature helps the soul. Your in the right place to begin your next journey, Enjoy!! Hugs, Suzie from S.B.


Happy birthday! Beautiful pictures, wonderful words :) I never feel my age either. I have three kids and I often wonder how can I be their mom when I feel only old enough to be their sister! Ha. My middle kiddo is 8 and the other day when I looked in the mirror and said aloud: "I look old and tired today." He replied with a sweet smile "No mama, you don't look tired at all, just old." Yeah, didn't lift my spirits, but I did laugh at how he thought he was helping!

Jodi Kydd

Happy 50th Birthday Wanda! I so enjoy your posts and your crafting style! When you talk about your crafting mentors, I hope you realize that you fill that role for me and I suspect many others as well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with all of us!

Sally K

Welcome to Oregon! I live here, but you made it look even more beautiful in your amazing pictures. Happy 50th Birthday! Don't worry, it's not as bad as you may think (I am now 55). Thank you for sharing your faith with us on your blog. Keep trusting and turning things over to Him! Enjoy!!

Fonda Jo

"Happy Birthday", dear Friend. Yes, it is only a number (ask me) and you are wearing it very well. Your week will be long remembered and you will look back on it many times throughout the coming years, with such love and gratitude. Enjoy the rest of it with creativity, walks along the beach with your "Hubs", and all the memories your building in your mind. Have a safe trip back....to Buddy.


Happy Birthday! I've been following your photo posts and the house on the beach is amazing. I spent my 50th on Kauai and it rained the entire week! It was a nice trip but the best part was the party my friends gave me the week before: old friends meeting grad school friends and other friends I cherish all in one place. They made me a special memory book with greetings from friends near and far (many of whom sent old photos). Best present ever. When I'm having a bad day, I take out that book and read all their sweet entries. I' now a few weeks short of 56 and those same friends and my amazing friends have helped me through a challenging time. I count you as one of those friends. Your sweet emails have brought a smile to my face for the past 8 weeks. Have a fabulous day!

Pam Sparks

Happy Birthday Wanda! How fun that you included us all in your happy day/week! What a lovely place to celebrate! God is good and to be able to enjoy his creation and your husband for a whole week with coloring on the side! You've got it made! ; ) Keep making memories and capturing the beauty to share with all us land-locked ppl! God bless you on this your BIG 50. You made it!

Kay Miller

Happy Birthday Wanda!! I loved seeing your gorgeous pictures and what a gem of a husband you have! The bracelet is stunning! You are indeed very blessed :) I turned 50 this year too and I have to admit that number kind of freaked me out a bit too, as I feel like I am still 12 inside and act like it most of the time. But, I do know that I am happier now than I have ever been in my whole life, so for me aging is most definitely a positive thing. It must be if I keep getting happier :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday! (Hugs)

Beverly S

Wanda, Happy Happy Birthday! I have heard it said that the secret to growing old gracefully is to pick an age you like and stick with it! So that's what I did. I am NOT 61 - I am 35, with 26 years of experience! Best wishes for the coming year. (PS: only discovered your blog a few days ago - so glad I didn't miss your b'day post)

Mary Cardini-Anderson

Happy Birthday! :) When I turned 50 I looked in the mirror and loudly proclaimed that I was 50 and Fabulous. I said those words throughout the day and it made my birthday even more special. Maybe your only half way though your journey. I wish I were 50 again!

I loved looking at your photos. What a wonderful place to celebrate your birthday. Your bracelet is beautiful! Now go and celebrate today, your very special day. :)

Mary from NH

Kathy F

Happy Birthday from one of your followers! I so enjoy seeing all of your creative talents in each of your posts. I passed number 50 several years ago. These days, I tend to forget what number birthday I'm having and just enjoy the sweet remembrances I receive. Your husband sounds like a great guy and I think your 50's and beyond are going to be truly wonderful years, maybe even better than the first 50!


Happy Birthday Wanda! Don't give the number another minute's thought...you aren't that number. You are here and now and a treasure to so many of us because of all the inspiration and positive energy that you share! I know I'm not alone in appreciating all you've added to my life...and you don't even know me! Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy life...you have lots more time! Oh...and kudos to your husband. He sounds like a very special guy!!

Lynn Put

PS your hubby's comment above has me in tears. He's a keeper :)

Lynn Put

First let me wish you the happiest of birthdays! I hope that you and your husband have a wonderful week on your vacation. Second, I'm like you I always get a bit introspective around my birthday but as I was reading your post I thought, you know what? A big part of getting older is about growing and learning what you need in your life and an appreciation for what you have, and you do that in almost every post I read on your blog. You take in the beauty around you with your fabulous pictures that you take and share, you embrace your creative talent with the amazing projects that you create and share. And most importantly, you're thankful for the people/friends that come your way. I hope you can enjoy being 50 you've earned it!

Judy Gudeman

Happy Birthday Sweet Wanda! God's Blessings!

Audrey Pettit

I look back over our past years of friendship, and just marvel at the little miracle that it is.... that I would just so happen to click on a link to your blog one day, and immediately feel such a kinship to you that I left a comment to a total stranger, and you responded in kind.... and from there an amazing friendship has grown. You are one of the sweetest, most genuine, beautiful people I have ever known, and I am so blessed to be able to call you friend! Whatever you've been doing for the past 50 years to make you the incredible person you are today, I say keep it up! You are blessed because you deserve to be blessed! I hope you enjoy every single minute of this amazing birthday week in that amazing piece of heaven you two have found! I only wish I was there for a few of those minutes to do some coloring with you!! :)
Happy birthday, my friend!


Happy Birthday! 50 is great, free to be who you want to be without constraints. Enjoy!

You took me by surprise, my jaw dropped when I saw the picture of Shasta. I was born in Mt. Shasta City, graduated from high school in Yreka, and now live in Montana. Don't get to see the mountain often enough. I'm feeling very homesick!

Gina Painter

Happy Birthday! I am enjoying the pictures of your beautiful birthday vacation and can't wait to see what creative projects you make while you are away! Have a great trip and know you are loved!! Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, loved your post today...50 is truly just a number, it's how you feel inside, and you sound pretty young to me..remember growing old is a privilege, so enjoy every step. My Grandmother turned 100 years old this past June and still going strong..enjoy your week in Oregon, your photos are great. Happy Birthday...

Jen Naus

Happy Birthday Wanda!!!


Happy birthday! You have a wonderful life and hopefully another 50 ahead!! Great picts too, never been to the "left" coast so thanks for sharing. I have 10+ years on you, so keep postive thoughts and enjoy whatever is in store for you. Hugs on your 50th.


Happy Birthday to my best friend! I can't wait to spend the next 50 years with you. You add so much to my life, through you love, faith, kindness, & wisdom. I am truly blessed and a lucky man. Thank you for everything! Lets make a memory today!



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