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Holly AKA KopyKat

Wow, fabulous card, love the colors and the design. Looks like you had a lot of fun for his birthday!

Audrey Pettit

Sounds like Boyfriend had a fabulous birthday, my friend! Fantastic gifts and a wonderful day out in SF. Your big 5-0 card is stunning! So perfect for your photography-lovin' guy! And wow, wow, wowzers on all your SF photos! Sooo love when you share photos!
I received your beautiful card in the mail the other day! Got it propped here by my computer so I can enjoy it the most. Really love it, and love the sweet vintage postcard, too! Thank you, thank you!

Nikki Brown

Firstly Happy Birthday to your hubs, sounds as if you had a lovely birthday treat... your pics brought back so many memories of the last time we were in SF, Cheesecake factory looking out over Union Sq..... looking back at SF over the bay ( we went out on a sunset cruise on a catamaran)..... fab pics... hubby asks which camera do you use Wanda? I love the effects... and that card is great, i have 3 50th birthdays next year inc my hubbies so who knows, I may be back in SF before I know it..... hugs and cuddles to Mr Buddy xxx


Ah! Tell Mr. Mark I said Happy Birthday! I forgot to send him a card. I will get on that...a belated one. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!! I espcially like the mall, dome and star filtered ornament shots! You are so good at photography!

Fonda Jo

This card is so great! What a perfect "Man" birthday card! The colors work so well together. Your pictures look like I could reach out and touch the items in them. Made me think I was right there.


Looks like the camera (Lulu) is a hit!
How is the DH doing today one day after the big 5-0?

Princess Judy

What a fun visit today! Great card and awesome photography. It was like being there but better because I didn't have to put with crowds and seeing the dull stuff--only the cool stuff.


Hope his birthday is a great one.
Those pictures were all stunning

Kathy Martin

Happy birthday to your hubs! Sounds like you two had a lovely day in the city! Love your pics!

Holly Saveur

WOW STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS..the card and the photo's love what you made with this new camera you have such an eye for details Wanda!
Wished I could come and see it all in real too...you really live in a gorgeous piece of the world!
Mark I am happy you liked your card and joined our 50 club!
Hugs Holly.


Thanks honey!! I had a great birthday! Love my card! Thanks to all that sent their birthday wishes and especially the cards!! They are amazing! Thanks again!

The DH...lol

Tracey McNeely

Happy Birthday to your husband Wanda! You made the most perfect masculine birthday card, I love all the cameras. I pinned this one. Your new camera takes wonderful pictures and what a place to go to take them.

Karen Motz

Happy birthday to your hubs! That camera paper is cool. Ad I always love looking at the photos you take. Thanks for sharing!

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