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Your pics are absolutely gorgeous! I need lessons!!

Kimberly Gajewski

What gorgeous photographs, Wanda! Your favorite picture is my favorite of the day too! It's only been around 92 degrees here lately...lol! Stay cool, my Friend! :D


What a beautiful day you had! It's been SO many years since I've been in Half Moon Bay. I know I wouldn't recognize it at all anymore! But Pacifica...that place holds a very special spot in my heart. I used to work as a park ranger there at San Pedro Valley Park. Some of my most happiest memories! Thanks so much for sharing all these gorgeous photos, my friend! And I'm SO looking forward to seeing you! You need to let me know what works best for your schedule. I've got an event this weekend, but am pretty much totally free after that. So just let me know!


What beautiful pictures Wanda! I always love when you post them!

Peg Parsons

Hi Wanda - Always such a treat when you post your amazing photos for us - I love the views you capture!!!!! Amazing you could drive into such a huge temp. change - fun!!!! TFS & talk to you soon!!!

Kathy Martin

GORGEOUS! The west coast is very distinctive from the east. It's more rocky with drops right into the ocean. Here...incredible sand dunes. Love your photos!

Princess Judy

It surely has been hot lately, hasn't it? I mean outside; inside it has been the usual overly refrigerated office it always is. Jacket for the office; bikini for the drive home. Love, love the pictures of the crashing waves. I swear I could even hear them!!


Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing.

Fonda Jo

What fantastic pictures! I really couldn't pickl a favorite, they are all wonderful to look at! Thank you for sharing...


Loved your pictures. I feel cooler all ready. We are going to the ocean right after the fourth and iI can hardly wait.

Linda Monroe

These are beautiful pictures and I've been to half moon bay and it is SOOO beautiful and nice and cool. I had a business trip that included San Jose and then on to Asia so I had a weekend free in CA. I stayed right in Half moon bay for two nights and just loved it. The ocean is so powerful and yet peaceful. How nice that you and your DH got to spend the day.

Susan Martin

Gorgeous photos.. wow! yes.. the waves crashing.. I love the sound and smell of the ocean. Maybe when Kevin gets back we can plan a trip. The Ritz.. wow.. just gorgeous and the golf course! I giggled at the random bagpiper.. how odd Lol He's so adorable though! And what a sunset!

Sounds like you had a great day.. AND beat the heat.. Awesome!

Holly Saveur

STUNNINGLY gorgeous photo's wished i could have been there too...its so beautiful in your part of the world...love the sea and ocean!

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