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Geneva null

Fabulous!!!!!!!thanks so much for sharing, just like being there. Loved the hotel wow glad you guys had such a great trip!

Natalie H

Loved your pics, Wanda! You are so talented! I would love a tutorial!! You just capture the moment so well. Love the ladybug pic and the hummingbird and the.... Oh my, who am I kidding, I loved them all!!

Audrey Pettit

Absolutely love your photos, Wanda! What a unique and interesting place to visit. I've never been there, but my grandparents lived in Arizona when I was a kid. Used to always be so amazed at how different the dessert was compared to home. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip. So glad you got to escape before the new job, and glad to hear week one is going well so far. :)


Hi Wanda,

You are such a gifted artist! Honestly, I am so in awe of your creative talent. I am so glad your new job is going well. Maybe someday you'll be able to 'create' for a living....you certainly have the talent. As always, thanks for sharing :)

Renee :)

Paulette S

Wanda these photos all look like postcards! And the wildlife posed so well for you. ;)))) Just Beautiful.

Sara Grafton

Gorgeous photos! I am looking forward to exploring more parts of CA.

Linda Monroe

Thanks for sharing your photos. They are beautiful. I loved your reference to your non-tan color - E000. That is me!!! Even with a tan!! The landscape reminds me of where my Dad lives in Tucson Arizona. It really is amazing how much beauty there is the desert. I hope you and your hubby get back there again someday.

Holly Saveur

Wanda..LOVED your photo show...AMAZING photo's!!!
I think I must be a E000 too..only have E00 and my skin looks lighter1
The hotel is soooooooooo pretty ..so happy you both had such a great time!Happy all about your new job is so great too!

Debbie Carriere

Wowsers!!! These are some gorgeous photos!! love the perspective! Sounds like a wonderful trip! E000 - LOL, sounds like me :)

Kathy Martin

I could look at your pics all day! Beautiful! I loved your Copic joke! I'm right there with you! It's healthy though not to spend too much time in the sun....that's what I tell myself when I'm looking in the mirror? Oh how I wish the hubs and I had a little more freedom for adventures! With a 10 year old son who is autistic, you can't leave him with a high school sitter and we don't have local family. Thankfully we do have Camp Royal, for autistic kids. A few weekends and one week a year.

Charmaine Ikach

Gorgeous photos, Wanda! WOW! You totally cracked me up with the Copic humor! LOL. . ..E000. . .LOL I'm still chuckling!

jayj c jay

You take such wonderful pictures...Just looking at them makes me want to take a trip to Palm Beach. Thanks for sharing

Christine Mitchell

Amazing photography. I am not into bugs, but love the color and texture with the ladybug. I have several favorites.


I always love your photography....I learn so much everytime we go out....Love ya!

Fonda Jo

You are so good at "picture takin". Love them all. Isn't El Paseo a great place. Shopped there many times with my friend. I shop, she buys....
Love your pics!!!!!!

Patty Bennett

AAAAAAAAAAAMAZING as usual, queen of photography!! ;) I am not a desert person, but LOVE how you captured every ounce of the Palm Springs area!! You are amazing!! thanks for sharing your talent with us!

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