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Kimberly Gajewski

The card that you made for Dave is simply beautiful! I always LOVE your designs! Great photographs too! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! :D

Audrey Pettit

Poor little Buddy! I'm surprised he doesn't claw you guys to pieces! What a fabulous weekend you had! Love, love all the photos. You know you make me so homesick with all those shots of SF. ;)
Your card is just gorgeous! Fantastic masculine design and fabulous stamping. You know I'm loving all the kraft. :)
So glad you had a wonderful weekend. I've been hauling out my Halloween goodies, and came across the beautiful card you sent me last year. SO made me smile all over again.

Christine Mitchell

Absouletly love the pictures of Buddy. I can't imagine getting my Golden Cat Dottie into any water. She would never sit in my lap again. That might be why she ran away from home to our house.

Patty Bennett

Love all the pix girlfriend! I had FB'd you about getting together after the game but didn't hear from you .. if you ever want to stop by let us know. have a good week ahead!

Nikki Brown

Love the cards... Buddy looks gorgeous but I am afraid you wouldn't get me to bathe my 3 kitties, I would end up scratched from head to toe!!! just trying to get them to take meds is hard enough!!! oh how I love San Francisco, have visited a few times and cry every time I come home to UK, am back in the USA the end of this month but Vegas this time..... love reading your blog, I smile each time it comes up in email that there is a post.....


I still have his announcement at my desk. It's a boy! it makes me smile


Awww, love seeing Buddy's baby pictures. He is such a good sport. You might throw in a rubber duckie (or rubber mouse?) into the bath water to get his mind off the water and bubbles. LOL. What a sweetie.

Judy Gudeman

Oh my goodness Wanda! How do you get him to cooperate with a bath. That is AMAZING. I have tried several times to bathe my 2 ungrateful kitties, and I finally gave up, as it's usually ME that ends up in the ICU!!! Mine go completely berserk at wet fur! One time I had a routine Doctor visit about 3 days after attempting another cat-bath. I had scratches and nail puncture wounds everywhere. Doc says, "Uhh, what's going on here?" I told the truth--just trying to bathe a cat! =^..^=

Love, Judy

Fonda Jo

I love the autumn card and yes it can be a good man card.
Once again, your pics are great. Buddy is sooo cute today as well as in 2007 (just bigger)! Bet he liked the warm towel!!

Holly Saveur

Buddy looks so cute on the second photo..but he indeed doesn't look the happiest Buddy on the last one...more like help me I am cold!
Love the cards and the class looks like so much fun again..you lucky girl!
LOVE all the ribbon in the shop.

Beth W

17 lbs-that is one big puddy tat!I think he may top my big boy.

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