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Thank you so much for all the tips.Your apples look delicious --you can call this a "True Labor Of Love" !
If I can get brave,I'd like to try these with my grandsons.
I think your apples look even more yummy than those I've seen in fancy catalogs. Keep up the good work.


Yum!! You did a great job. They look amazing!


I made these today because you made me want them so bad! Much easier than I thought it would be and delicious! Thanks for all the yummy goodness you share!

christine Mitchell

Looks like you did a great job. I am attempting a coconut cake with 7 minute frosting tomorrow. The kind Grandma used to make. it is for a friend's birtday, I called about 10 bakery's today, and none have this kind of cake, so wish me luck.


Looks amazing! tastes better!

Fonda Jo

They DO look yummy! Add a little canola oil to the chocolate and it will stay shinny! How's that for a fall tip?

Audrey Pettit

Oh, aren't they beautiful?? So much fancier than the versions my mom used to make once in a blue moon back when I was a kid. I still have a lot of fond memories of caramel apples, though. :) Yours look so yummy. But since I'm not one for a whole lot of patience in the kitchen, I think I'm just going to be drooling over your photos. :)

Linda Monroe

Yum, these look fabulous. You did great with these. If I had attempted this not only would it have taken all day, but they would not have been nearly so pretty. We have a rocky mountain chocolate company at the outlet stores 30 mins from my house. I only go there about once or twice a year but we usually splurge on $4.00 caramel apples like these when we go. I agree, now I know why they are so expensive.... I love the photo of the cat and the magazine. Too cute....

Holly Saveur

Looks so yummy..are they all gone now?
Lucky Mark!!


well i want one now...

Karen Giron

Um, yes please!!! Pretty please?! Yum!

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