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Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr)

Here from a tweet by @myheroarts about your card. Adorable! Sorry about your computer crash. That yummy drink must have eased the pain a bit. *smile*

Dana B.

Just popped over from May's blog as well. You both have great blog names :) Cute card!! I'll look around at the rest on the blog. Hope your computer's doing better. Don't know about the rest of the frappuccino, but the top sure looks good :) Have a great day :)


Oh my this card is great so bright and fun. I am so sorry about your computer the dreaded black screen is the kiss of death, glad the Starbucks helped.

Audrey Pettit

Lordie Girl, I don't think I could handle all the stress. Not the computer crash work stress, or the Hero Arts Scramble stress. Think I might need more than a Starbucks pick-me-up after all that. ;)
Actually, I think the scramble sounds like a lot of fun, and I really like the challenge they came up with. I think you knocked it out of the ballpark. Perfect project for this time of year, and an awesome use of all those little stamps. This is absolutely adorable. :)
Wish I could say that I had all sorts of things to share with you after my crop last night.......but I was too busy flapping my yap to get anything done. Sooooo embarrassing!

Judy Gudeman


Sorry about your rough day at work. I know how you feel! You are such a woman after my own heart. . . I think a Starbucks treat can fix most things also!

Love, Judy

Belinda Basson

I really love your blog and found my way here from May Flaum who did a post about your blog, you can find her here: http://mayflaum.com

I see someone else also found their way here from May's blog!

I went back in time on your blog and really love the cupcake card you did. I am passionate about cupcakes (printed, stamped or the real deal) and you will always find me at the kids table at birthday parties!


Love the colors!! You're so talented.

Kelly Klapstein

You have a lovely blog, Wanda! I arrived here via May Flaum's blog...who just made a post describing your blog and your inspirational cards :)

Natalie H

Cute card! You are funny (computer crash..not but I love how you handled it afterward! We would be great friends!!
PS I was raised in the SAME town your brother went to school at - it's a small world!


Very cute card! i have both those sets so i may CASE it.

vicki dutcher

Very awesome job of using the :little ones" -- Actually, I like that challenge! Your end result is fabulous -- and thanks for supporting Starbucks -- you are the reason I get my paycheck :)

Holly Saveur

SUPER card ..great job..love it!
Such a fun idea from Hero Arts.
Sorry you didn't win to me it looked like a winner!
Terrible the virus at work were you able to re do the spreadsheet?


Love this card Wanda! So cute and perfect for back to school :) Great job on the challenge!


Cute card....if I were still teaching school you could send it to me...lol LC

Kimberly Gajewski

What a delightful card, Wanda, and such a fun challenge! You are so creative! This is perfect for the first day of school! :D


this is very cute. and i think i have at least the clear hero set. and i think i will have to steal this idea from you and make one for my son's kindergarten teacher. love it!


Yay...a super fun and bright card! I soooo love it since I LOOOVVE school supply stuff! Wow...I can imagine you sweatin' it during the scramble!

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