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Christine Mitchell

You should be a photography teacher. Awesome pictures. Happy Anniversary, it is my birthday today, so took two weeks off work.


Happy Anniversary to you and Mark! Glad you went with the flow despite the concert being canceled. Sounds like you guys had a blast hanging out in Berkeley! OMG...I love that pink scooter...it's sooooo cute! Hi Budz! :o)

Fonda Jo

Those pics are absolutely fantastic!!! The colors are magnificant. I can tell you and DH had a wonderful 10th anniversary!! Good wishes for many many more.


Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. When life gives you lemons you make lemonaide and then take pictures of it.


I remember when you two scooted off to be married!!! Looks like you had a fab time in the bay. Your photos are the best. I too want to move right in when I go to Pottery Barn ..... Do ya think they would notice? XO

Audrey Pettit

I was so sorry to hear that your concert plans got cancelled, but love that you two had a great day anyway. PF Changs and shopping sounds like a pretty good substitute in my book....and any stop at Pottery Barn is a good one. SO love the patriotic look going on there now. I keep telling myself to stay away.....don't look into the light.......don't go there. :)
LOVE your photographs. Looking at the hills of CA makes me SO homesick. Thank goodness I'm coming home in a few days and I can take in some of these views for myself. I'll probably freeze to death after NC, though. ;)

Holly Saveur

Buddy allways brings a smile to my face ..just love him he looks so sweet and naughty!
I am happy you two had a great day..the food looks so tasty..and those goodies look sure great!
The photo's oh wished I could have been there somewere too..its so beautiful where you live Wanda.. the photo's have been taken so professional ..that's why its gorgeous too!

Linda C

Great photos...sorry your concert was cancelled. Adele was scheduled in N'ville also. Sounds like you had fun. Love Buddy's photos! He's gorgeous! LC

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Sorry about the concert . . .I was thinking of you Friday night and thinking "yeah! the rain held off tonight!" . . .amazing photography, as always . .. but, of course, my fav is the Budster . . . LOVE the sack photos!! (great caption you wrote!!) I spent the weekend on a scrapbook . . .check my blog tomorrow!!

Shannon Fralish

What a great post! It brought lots of nice memories of northern CA, my home (Woodland, to be exact). Love those oak tree silhouettes. And, happy anniversary and good for you two for making the most of any situation. I loved all your Taylored work this week even though I didn't have time to comment -- outstanding and inspirational. Can't wait to see what's in store for us in bloggyland this week...cheers!


Happy Anniversary!!!! I had a lot less gray hair....but could not be happier! I love you!!

Patty Bennett

um ya... on the above comment.. that was "US" and not u... duh :)

Patty Bennett

Mega Fab pix my friend!! Wishing you and DH a wonderful continued celebration! Thanks for sharing your photog talents with u!!

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