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You are right Shannon, this is very Cape Cod-ish. I am looking at getting Cape Cod rentals in the future. I love the scenery! And these pictures are truly amazing. I can almost taste each dish! Thanks for posting these!

Patty Bennett

Could you please tell my hydrangea it's ok to start blooming? Maybe mine needs to talk to yours!!! Oh.. and you can bring that pizza over anytime.. i'm HUNGRY! :)
love ya!

Fonda Jo

I can tell you had a great weekend. What can be better than food, friends and photos?
Thanks for sharing...

Audrey Pettit

Sounds like you had a truly wonderful weekend, Wanda! Your girls' day sounds fabulous. Love the pizza bar idea and love the scrabble. And how fun you guys even stamped! :)
And wowzers on your after-storm photots. The light was just perfect and your pictures are stunning. And poor little Buddy made me smile in his cat commando tent!

Holly Saveur

Glad you had so much fun Saturday Wanda!
The photo's oh my.. they are so good again!
The hydrangeas are so gorgeous..love the blue ones..mine mostly get pink..with some blue touches ..they were blue at the beginning.Also have white ones the Annabella variety they have different flowers.


Your Saturday sounds wonderful and your pictures are beautiful! If you want another Words With Friends pal, just let me know. I am addicted to it. :)

Shannon Fralish

What a wonderful post! I almost felt like I was a fly on your wall... Your hydrangeas are gorgeous -- very Cape Cod-ish. I'm learning to enjoy Scrabble more by playing Words on my iPhone, too. Isn't this a small world? If you want to start a game I'm papermade. Have a stellar new week!

Linda C

Your photos are gorgeous! I sure would like to give Buddy a pat and a squeeze. He is a beautiful cat. So glad you had a fun time with your friends. Your pizza looked yummy.
I hope you have a good week. LC

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