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Audrey Pettit

Oh yikes........you are killing me with those scones! :) And can you believe, I haven't watched one minute of the royal wedding. I didn't set my DVR, or turn on the tv at all. Went off to an antiques show on Friday for the day. Thank goodness in this day and age, there is so much coverage, I know I'll still be able to see it all.

Kimberly Gajewski

Wasn't it such a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I LOVE all things British! I got up early, made some tea, and watched until I had to head off to school...it was simply wonderful! Your scones look delicious! Pip Pip Cheerio'! :D

Melissa Sauls

Oh my goodness, those look AMAZING!! And girl, I can't wait to hear your secret!!!!! :)

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Oh, yeah . . . wedding "overload" right now; up to about a total of 8+ hours now; so I think I'm "done" - Loved it!! I could use a scone!! Why don't you make another recipe for Wed. night!!LOL!


Hi Wanda! I haven't been blog hopping for quite awhile, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello :) Like you, I stayed up to watch Charles and Di tie the knot many years ago. I also got up early to watch Diana's funeral :( But, I waited for the recorded version of Will and Kate's nuptuals. So beautiful! Love, love, love all things royal! Hope all is well and keep those fabulous creations coming!


You are such a positive person Wanda! I have not watched the wedding yet but it is recorded and I have plans to sit and watch it. Can't wait til Sunday.

Fond Jo

YummmmmO! Now that look so inviting! I must try it. I cannot WAIT for the news!!!! I'll be tunning in tomorrow!!!


Love the pix!!!!! Yes. Watched it beginning at 1 am. Aimed to be awake at 3 at least but got a txt from my pregnant daughter who was awake ... So we watched (with txt feedback all the way through) all. Princess Diana "done good" with that lovely young man.

Holly Saveur

The scones look so delicious...
Watched the wedding from 9 am on the BBC and later in the evening again...loved the whole elegance and dressing up ...(the hats..never seen so many strange hats before)..The Abbey with the trees and flowers it was so gorgeous to see..the buildings ..everything.
Look so much forward to your secret!!

Lynn Put

What a yummy post for today! I loved watching the royal wedding today...so romantic.
Can't wait for you big news on Sunday!

Linda C

What a perfectly delightful post for today! I remember watching Diana and Charles' wedding early in the morning while nursing our new baby boy....time sure flies!
Your scones look delicious. You just amaze me. Have a great weekend. LC


A crafting secret? Again!?

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