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Chocolate and Salt - now that sounds like a woman's dream! I can not believe your photos A-MAZE-ING! Thank you for sharing.

Audrey Pettit

Oh, my gosh, Wanda! You are absolutely amazing. Your photos are out of this world. You should be getting paid for your pictures, I swearsies! Totally making me drool over your sweets. Totally drooling!

Annie Frazer

I am drooling. YUM!!!


Iris Soscia

I'm almost drooling just looking at the lovely photos of those goodies.Thanks for a chance to win. Iris

Cindy Keller

Wanda, I get your blog posts in my email & look forward to each one. I love seeing the cards you make, of course, but I also LOVE all the photos you take & share with us! I wish I had that talent. Your photos are gorgeous! These are no exception. You truly could be a professional photographer, as one of the other commenters said. Those macaroons look too good to eat, but bet they were delish! And the chocolates--oh my! Such a pretty rose, too! Thanks for sharing!

Holly Saveur

Hi Wanda This looks so tasty!
Mark is a very sweet busband to give you such gorgeous gifts I know you deserve them !
Those photo's are so great wished i good put my hand in the photo to tast one of those gorgeous Macarons(never tasted them)they look so precious ,what kind of flavours are there?And those dark chocolates look so yummy too!


You need to do the collateral pieces and web for that candy vendor If they are brick and mortar they MUST have them in their shop. The rose? I can relate in my dreams only. Where's the squirrel bites and aphids? :)

Rebecca Garrison

Your photography is wonderful. I would love to win these, they look so tasty. I would love to be doing something crafty today but I had surgery on Feb 16th on my hand so no copic coloring, no cutting, no card making or scrapbooking till March 3rd when the stitches come out. Thank you for the chance to win candy.

mary behling mayer

Hi Wanda,
As always your photography is beautiful!
I continue to enjoy looking at your blog daily to see your cards. Thank you for the chance to win candy!! Oh, how I love candy!


Hi Wanda! The photos of your Valentine goodies are AMAZING! Not only are you a talented photographer and artist, you are a very lucky lady. Your hubby is obviously very smitten with his lovely bride. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Susan S

Your photography skills are phenomenal. But that does not surprise me. I think anything your crafty hands touch will turn to Gold. I remember when we used to scrapbook together way back when, I can look at my pages and see which ones were inspired by your creativity. Tonight I am making a bday card for a dear friend. Thought I needed to come here for some of your inspiration.
You know DH spoils you right? Enjoy it.

Kimberly Gajewski

What FABULOUS photographs Wanda! The treats look SO yummy! It sounds like you have a marvelous Valentine's Day! Have a happy weekend! :D

Susan Roberds

Almost too pretty to eat. But, I'll try...

Irene Sasaki

Wow! Awesome pics! I've sent a few folks to your blog and enjoy it myself! I CRAVE dark chocolates and hope you'll choose me for the
treat! ; *>

Patty Bennett

SUPAH sweet about the give away... they are smart... what an offer!! :) :)

Theresa Montoya

Wow Wanda. absolutely gorgeous pictures. My mouth is watering just looking at those goodies. The company needs to hire you to do their marketing. Thanks for sharing this link Mark.


OMG...I LOVE how you posed and stacked all your goodies! So soo yummy! How fun Sucre sent a giveaway! Score! :o)

Tammy Zinner

Oooo Wanda, those look too good. How were you able to keep from digging in? I probably would have taken pictures of teeth marks! haha, would not have been able to resist! Yum. kudos to the DH for great taste and romanticism! Lucky! :o)

Linda Beeson

OHHHH, I am always on the quest for the most perfect dark chocolate candy with salt on top and these look soooo fab!

Patty Bennett

GIRLFRIEND..... HERE'S MY ADVICE.. QUIT YOUR DAY JOB AND BE A PHOTOGRAPHER!! :) I mean so seriously .. you rock my world!! There is a job for you out there in the creative photography blogging social media world :) (Like that title? I made it up!) :) LOL

OK and seriously.. those goodies are way too fabulous looking... I'll be right over to help you finish them off. :)


As usual you really rocked your camera! Glad you enjoyed them!

Fonda Jo

The pictures are fantabulous! The treats are sinful (just the way I like them). I know you must have enjoyed every bite!!!

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