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Deb Peters

You have a beautiful area to enjoy yourself. I would love it if my things were an eighth organized like you. Long story... I haven't done much card making the last couple years. I miss it so much. It was my peace of mind and a joy of mine. Hopefully 2012 will be my comeback. Thank you for the inspiration!

Jen Shults

Oh my! I am so jealous of all that space!

Sharon Harnist

Wow, fantastic room and organization!


Congratulations on TESC Top Crops!!! Good job!


I love it! Guess what I did yesterday??? I took photos of my stampin room too! WOW, we are on the same wave length!!!

I love your stampin area - it's HUGE!

Donna Baldasari

You are soooo organized, no wonder you are so darn creative, you have everything and know where it is!! I need you to come help me get organized. Hey, next time you go to the container store, let me know - I'm there!!! Love, Love, Love it!! And yes, I saw Mr. Buddy in there too!! : )


Holly Saveur

Hi Wanda
Love your room and I can understand you love to spend whole days in it.
Love how tidy/organized it is.
I will sent you a picture off my room.



So thats where it all happens! I wish I was that organized!

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Baaaaad mommy!!! You neglected to mention The Budster's dining room!!! I see it here . . . . right by the sliding glass door!!! And he's even giving a "demo" of how convenient it is!!! (hee hee) LOVE LOVE LOVE your studio - but you already knew that since I went crazy the first time I saw it in person!! Hugs!

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