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Nice Wanda! It looks and sounds good. Keep it up, I know it will get easier the more you do it.


Hey that snow trip thingy sounds familiar! Blog page looks excellent!!!

Mark Guess

Congratulations on your very first blog!!!Dont write any smack about me! You know you want to, but you must refrain! I am already subscribing. I can't wait for the second issue! On news stands everywhere!!! Love ya!!!!

Patty Bennett

OK>> Just had to comment a second time.... I am {{{CRACKING UP}}} at your "Happiest Place on Earth" blog link... LOL LOL LOL .. you are toooooooooooo funny my friend!!! :)


Patty Bennett

CONGRATS!!!! :) I'm so glad you started a blog, and LOVE the name. I'm honored to be on your list of bloggers in your sidebar!! :) You should post some of those pix you took in Tahoe on Christmas... they are stunning!! :)

Welcome to BLOGLAND..... (I'll be stalking you)....


Janice Rosenthal Rock

Hey there, blog called Wanda!!! Good start!! The shade of blue is LOVELY (that would be "Bashful Blue") . . .and Buddy is here, so what more could we want!!??? (well, yes, a few beautiful flowers, graphics, or whatever would brighten it up a bit . . .but I have NO clue how to do that, either . . . thank goodness for my "blog lady"!!!) I soooo look forward to your writing, art, sharing, whatever . . . and somehow I have a feeling that Buddy will be one of the PRIMARY features!!! Welcome to blogging!! Hugs! Janice

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