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I had to migrate back to the post from a couple months ago and read it. I have been so MIA on blogs this summer. Happy Anniversary Wanda! What you did two years ago was so courageous and wonderful! I am so very happy for you that you have found happiness. Working for yourself I am sure is very challenging, but so fulfilling I am sure. My husband is at that crossroads right wanting to take a leap of faith and work for himself and not do the 1 1/2 hour hour commute every day to do something he doesn't enjoy. With one child still in University it is a scary endeavour but we are strong believers in fate and that love will see us through. You are an inspiration to me Wanda, my birthday buddy. xo

Aunt Min

Hang in there Wanda. You brighten our day in all of your awesomeness. I feel like you are like an opening flower just needing a little bit of sunshine, water, and a kiss from the heavens above. Then you will blast open and go full tilt. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us.

Karen L K

Such nice coloring and nice to see different types of coloring. I have done some with the 30 day challenge but it probably won't happen every day. Nice one standing up for your work!

Laurie Page

Great cards. I especially like thw kraft with colored pencils. Love that look.

Anne Sturgeon

We have family in the Tampa area. Plus she has five dogs... they don't do well in storms. Not able to be in contact right now, that makes us crazy. Your work and photos are so wonderful Wanda. You should be compensated for that. I love wooden block stamps and I love to color. Kathy's challenge is so great. We are on vacation in Upper Michigan this week so I have packed my set of postcards to color. Have a great week, you've got this girl!

Kelly Flaherty

Wanda, you are loved. You are cherished. You are God's daughter and you can do all things in His Name. I wish you blessings and joys and hope you will know that your admirers think the world of you!

Elizabeth Zaffarano

Thank you for responding to that CEO about their terrible "non-offer!" That took guts, and I hope it gave some food for thought about how they handle compensation of creatives in the future. It's so important to not devalue ourselves, just because we deal in images, arts, and crafting. xoxo

Celeste Goff

Beautiful coloring! I especially love the colored pencils on kraft!

April S.

You're right - sometimes it's hard to be a girl. :-) I am looking forward to seeing what the CEO said and if that large corporation does the right thing. Love the pictures of your cards - the staging looks great. I need to sit down and color for the challenge. I did for the last challenge and still haven't made cards out of all the images I colored. But I do enjoy just sitting and coloring - getting out of the daily grind for a minute.

Teresa Doyle

Love your colouring projects Wanda, I am doing the same, colouring every day for future projects!
Your share about what you are going through right now is ironic as my daughter (a jewellery designer) and I were just talking about this very subject the other day. She gave me a book (the paper copy, she's been listening to the e-book) to bring home and read, its called: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds like something you might find helpful. I haven't had time to start it yet but hope to this weekend. I'd love to know if you do read it, if it helps.


Beautiful post Wanda. So much going on with hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, etc. I lift those affected and those helping up in prayer but otherwise feel a bit down. Just. So. much. Sadness. I can't imagine what it's like to lose everything.

Thanks for posting your lovely projects to keep our spirits up.

Holly Saveur

So much going on Wanda..
well said about your hope you feel better....
well I am busy in my room..clearing head and body are a this is the thing I can do...hopefully I feel better afterwards..
I have so many craft supplies and so little away with all the quilt fabrics and books..paint...and other supplies I don't use...
have a great weekend in the craft cave!!
Love Holly.

Julie L

Always enjoy your posts Wanda! Such pretty coloring-- I need to get on board with the daily coloring challenge. Glad to hear you are getting counseling, it helps so much!! Your openness can help others too! Hugs! Julie, GA

Joan B

glad to hear that you are working on improving how you feel. best of luck to get to where you are more comfortable with your life. Kudos on writing to that corporation! Good for you. Love your work, and the kraft cards on the bottom are terrific. so cute just as they are!!!

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