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Sounds - and looks - like you had an amazing time, Wanda. And yes, definitely "food for the soul" spending crafty time with good friends and at such a gorgeous retreat! Your cards are darling, whimsical, colourful and amazing. Having envies that match is extra special too.

Patti Willey

OK I've been trying not to buy this Helen Dardik stuff but yeaaaah I think I've got to have them all now! Wow! Love your envies! And thanks for pointing out the Paper Source details, I've saved many of their magazines with the thought of purchasing envies there now...You've done it again Wanda. Great going! Ok I must pin all this great information. I"m glad you got out of Dodge to enjoy your friends and paper craft. I hope you're safe from the effects of so much rain. Working this weekend myself, and a 74th Birthday Party at the Nursing Home for my Step Father..probably no time to make a darn thing. Hugs!

Teresa Doyle

WOW Wanda. AWESOME projects and it looks like you had a great time at the retreat! California looks lovely from your photos. For all the rain YOU have been getting, last week we had 3 Nor'Easter's (YES, THREE snow storms in 7 days!) We were dumped on! However, since then the temps have risen and the snow is settling and we have even had a BBQ or two! No doubt you have never BBQ'd with snow all around you and thought, "Oh, this is nice!" LOL Around here you take what you get and enjoy it! HAHA
Have a wonderful weekend!

Holly Saveur


The craft retreat looks so much fun ..and such a gorgeous place too!!

Teresa C

Wanda, love your projects today (and everyday) with the fun, bright colors!
Helps us all get through winter!
Your envelopes are a delight with making-me-smile stamping and coloring!!
Many thanks for a great lift for my day!!


Oh wow! I love your cards and envelopes. I've been doing LOTS of stamping lately and have stamped every single envelope - so proud of myself. I always forget how cool stamped envelopes look. It makes me happy mailing/giving a card that way.....and I know the person receiving feels special... Thank you, Wanda, for all the great ideas you share! XOXO

Christine Duval

I love to put something on the envelope as well. These are very cute. Card is very colorful and happy. Thanks for sharing.


Love the projects and photos you shared. Is the building exterior a metallic finish? Were those pop-up balloon cards something you made at the retreat? Your cloud photos are stunning. It HAS been great to see all the green up here after so many years of brown.


Aw wow Wanda. I'm a little misty eyed. Thank you for this gorgeous post. I'm going to be sharing.


Such darling envelopes! As always, great color choices. Thanks for sharing.


These envelopes are super adorable, love them


I love your envelopes, so bright and cheery, thanks, too, for Paper Source and their liner templates. Love your blog!

Ashley N Newell

Those envelopes are literally the cutest thing ever!!

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