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I love your 3d creation with the tree die!

Charyl Hodges

Cute cards :)

Sarah M

I love the simplicity of the circle leaves die. Pretty cards!

Arianna Barbara

Wow! Amazing cards!!! But the first one is really stunning!!!

Arianna Barbara

Oh sorry, I forgot to say about my Christmas cards!
They're almost ready to send. They're 20 and most of them are the same.


I love your cards again today Wanda...the first one reminds me of gingerbread and for the circle leaves I love how you showed all the variations and what a fabulous set you can get with a minimal amount of work! You could whip up a set of these in no time :D
I wouldn't say I am DONE my Christmas cards since I am still in the mood to make some...but I would say I have more than enough to cover me but I like the variety of picking and choosing and I find extra cards and tags make great teacher gifts as they may have left that till break time so it makes it easy and personal for them!


Yes love the gingerbread lookalso!

Kristi H.

Aha! Thank you for the different take on the fold over tree die. I'm starting to see the possibilities. I already have the circle leaves and hand lettered greetings on my wish list, and I love the card you created with them! Thanks again.

Michelle Bylaw

Both cards are great! I really like how you sandwiched two of the trees, makes me think of Christmas cookies. The second one is so stylish.


The 3D tree is AMAZING!


Stunning creations! Thank for the chance. My cards are not done in full. I do a few at a time then mail out and repeat. I too, don't enjoy the addressing part so I started doing preprinted labels. Easy peasy! As for traditions, lighting a candle to remember those that have passed on before opening gifts.

Mary L.

Adorable! As for my Christmas cards - this is my first year really making them! I try to make super different ones each time!


I love the vintage look of the tree card--great background stripe paper and a lovely font on the sentiment banner.
I made most of my cards last Dec/Jan when I was on a roll. I usually make 4-6 cards of each design (40 cards total). Since we moved, I mailed early this year with our new address. Now that they're all mailed, I'm in the mood to make more after seeing great ideas on recent blog hops. I also ordered the new year stamp and cut add-on set from HA and will make some new year's cards when it arrives.

Steffi H.

I'm almost done with my Christmas cards this year. Altogether I've made a few hundred, because I participated in the Caring Hearts Card Drive. Crafting for a cause feels so good !
I used to make sets of cards as Christmas gifts. I started this a few years ago when money was tight, but my cards were so highly appreciated and demanded, that this is a yearly tradition now.
Lovely choice of colors for bringing the circle leaves to die life. Love this.


Oh wow beautiful cards, but I have to say that the Christmas tree is my favorite... Love :)

Barbara Green

Love your cards. The Christmas tree is really cute.

Natalie Winterstein

I love both of your cards! The dimensional tree is so pretty and the hello cards are stunning! :)

Chris Handy

Beautiful cards as always. I love that you show how to use the tree die as a whole tree

Bonnie E

So pretty - love the dimensional Christmas card. Love how you placed the banner. The leaf die cut cards are gorgeous - very elegant.

Lisa Silver

So beautiful! That leaf die is amazing!


I love your cards esp the greay ones with the circle leaf die and the fabulous pastel backgrounds, they're stunning

Jackie Parkins

That is such a creative way to use the tree die, I love it! The circle leaves cards are beautiful. I am nearly done with my Christmas cards - I have most of the fronts done, now I just need to get the card bases together.

Laura Gribble

I love your Christmas tree card!! I am still making Christmas cards, I think they're my favorite to make!!

Cindy Aguirre

That's exactly what I thought that Tree would be good for! Very cute cards, Wanda! No, I'm not yet done with my cards for Christmas, but I'm almost there. Making 24 of them and they are somewhat different, but with the same layout.


I thought my Christmas cards were done, lol! I made around 50 this year with 6 different designs, but I always seem to forget someone. I have a list, but friends/family move and others get married, so it's hard to keep up-especially with my huge family! Thank goodness I LOVE cardmaking!

Celina Anthony

I like the tree die this way rather than the half cut. Thanks for sharing this!

Melissa SunshineHoneyBee

Like the dimension look of the tree.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Lisa Roettger

The Circle Leaves Die cards turned out great! Simple, but very effective.

Jackie McKnite

I don't think I'd order the tree die but I sure love the Circle of Leaves die and the cards you made.

Michelle M

Love your cards! I'm still working on my Christmas cards. Fortunately, they all have to be mailed locally. I have something special planned so they are taking me a bit longer. That and I'm making them. I usually buy but I started card making a couple of months ago and I'm loving this journey so I wanted to share it with friends and family.

Gretchen Wilson

Oh now I'm think I must go order the tree die, I have already loaded to card so full, but then, what's one more die!!!!
Thanks for sharing both of these beautiful cards!


wonderful card. love this idea. very creative. thanks for sharing

barbara lassiter

I need 3-4 more cards and my Christmas cards are finished. I've been working on them for a while because I don't like to mass produce just one card. I finished all the cards I had to make for the December birthdays in our family and can now finish my Christmas cards. I love your tree card and all the dimension you created with the design. The Hello and Thanks cards using the Circle Of Leaves die (one of my favorites) are beautiful!

Becky J (Mplsbetty)

Beautiful cards. I started making handmade cards last January. I was trying to make five cards a month for a challenge over at However, with life the past few months I didn't make any. I have many handmade cards, but I typically send a picture card to friends since we have a three yearold. Given that I make A2 sized cards, I will use those for teachers and to send to other crafty friends.

Maureen Reiss

Love your cards!! Great way to use the half tree die!!!


Great cards!

Marcia McCullough

Your tree cards is awesome!!


Soooo pretty. I love the circle of leaves and I agree those handlettered greetings are beautiful and will probably sell out quick! I am definitely not done with all my Christmas Cards yet, but almost!

Anne Sturgeon

The dimensional tree is so cute. I am loving the circle leaves die and whenever I see K. Winter's handwritten anything, I have to have them. My cards for Christmas, 40. They were finished by Thanksgiving and mailed on Dec 1st. This year was different as we are on vacation and things needed to be done earlier. Great hop!


Love these cards. So well made.

Karthikha Uday

Lovely creations!! :)

Patsy Hattori

Your details and extra little touches give both cards a stunning look. I like your ideas a lot.

Denise Freeman

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, always love your work!! Thanks, Denise

Kristie Maynard

Beautiful! That Circle of Leaves is my favorite, so lovely! TFS


I especially like the cards using the circle leaf die, very nice!

Wil chean

Making handmade for family only this year so I am almost done. Love your tree card.


That's a great way to show simple dimension.


The Thank you and Hello cards are so beautiful! <3

Trina P.

Love the dimensions of your tree card. So cute.


I love that 3D tree! It's the perfect shape and size. Well done they're beautiful cards.

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